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How to Measure

For first-timers, I strongly recommend that you follow this guideline.
First, know your cervix height. Measure throughout your period, from day 1 up to the last, paying attention to the lowest height. This will help you understand the movement of your cervix during your period.
How to measure?
With clean hands, gently insert your index or middle finger in your vagina until you touch your cervix. Mark the end of the inserted finger with the tip of the thumb, just above the labia minora (inner lips). It is easier to do while you’re sitting on the toilet. Please note that you may not be able to touch the cervix if it’s very high.


How to identify the cervix?
It feels like the tip of your nose. Try to touch the tip of your nose with your fingertip. Then, gently slide your fingertip sideways. You will feel a dent in the middle. The cervix feels like that, it could be more round or pointier. When you run your fingertip around the cervix, you would notice that it’s hollow, making it look like an island at the end of your vaginal canal.

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This is the cervix up close during menstruation. Source

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The Knuckle Rule.

You can use the knuckle rule, then convert it into millimeters for accuracy. As fingers are all different, converting is a must.

Measurements in mm:
Low – 44mm / lower
Average – 45mm to 55mm
High – 55mm / higher
Record your measurements.

When your measurements are ready, you can take the quiz at the PACII (Put A Cup In It) website to see the *cup-category recommended for you.

*I mentioned cup-category instead of result because the PACII quiz is just another guideline for people to identify the factors that they need to consider. You don’t have to follow the top result or the listed suggestions from the quiz. However, you need to consider their dimensions and firmness and compare it to the cup of your choice (let’s say you have a brand in mind).

There are other quizzes available online that you should try too. The PACII quiz is just one of them. PACII’s result is mostly based on average so you might find the same results repeatedly even if you try to change some answers. The MCR (Menstrual Cup Reviews) website gives an extensive list of cups. For newcomers, this could either be a good thing or not. Too much info could be overwhelming and intimidating; this is why I still prefer to refer you to the PACII site. Also, PACII only lists cups proven safe.

If you’re still unsure of which cup to get, please don’t hesitate to post your query within our Group or leave a message on our FB page so I could help you with it. No strings attached! I won’t push you to a cup that won’t match your body and needs. 🙂

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