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About Reglamor

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Reglamor came from the Filipino word regla (menstruation) and the borrowed word amor (love).
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The Store

Reglamor is a registered online business based in Baliuag, Bulacan. We are offering earth-friendly hygiene products concentrating on menstrual cups. We are an authorized retailer/stockists/distributor of Cotton Mermaid MermaidCup, GladRags XO Flo, Hello, Lunette, Me Luna, OrganiCup, and Ruby menstrual cups in the Philippines. Start your hassle-free and waste-less period here.

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The Goal

Our goal is to bring more reputable menstrual cup options to the menstruators in the Philippines who want to ditch the use of disposable sanitary pads and tampons.
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The Owner

Vern. A wife, a mother to a preschooler, and a WordPress geek. The first time I used a menstrual cup, I fell in love with it. This is why I would like to share this lovely experience of freedom, comfort, and confidence with the rest of the menstruators in the country.
menstrual cups

The Backstory

Some time ago, my family went to a laid back beach in Pangasinan. I often tell my son that we should always keep the surroundings clean, most especially the beach. I asked him to pick up the food wrappers we would see along the shore. Then a white thing came to view. A menstrual pad submersed. As much as I would like to fish it out, I did not because I could not tell if it was used or not. I assumed it was. That the water had washed it and the sun had bleached it. I felt guilty and sorry as we walked away. That incident still haunts me.
menstrual cups

The Story

The first menstrual cup I used was a generic menstrual cup. I found it in an online marketplace and bought it out of curiosity. I searched the internet on how to use it. I mustered up my courage and removed my inhibitions. It was a success. That was my first ever waste- and hassle-free period.

I did further readings and watched a lot of reviews on menstrual cups. I became aware that a cheapie cup is not an option. These cups need to meet certain standards to be safe. I stumbled upon this menstrual education website called Put A Cup In It. They created this quiz for menstruators that helps them find their compatible cups. I took the quiz. Unfortunately, the results I got were not available locally. And so Reglamor was born.

Filipinos are so used to disposable pads because that is what’s readily available. We thought of it as a great invention setting aside its impact on the environment and our very own body. It was some years back when few Filipinos learned of the menstrual cups, and up to now, the higher percentage might not have heard of it. Most, if not all, menstruators hate their time of the month. The schedules canceled, clothes stained, and skin irritated, to mention a few of the annoying things. I want them to break free from all that sort of hassles and start to get comfortable during these bloody days. To feel confident while being considerate to the planet.

Love your period. Love yourself. Love the Earth.

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