Reglamor is an authorized retailer of Cotton Mermaid MermaidCup™, Hello Cup, Lunette, Me Luna®, OrganiCup, and Ruby Cup. We curated and partnered with the world’s trusted brands to provide you high-quality menstrual cups for a hassle-free and waste-less period.

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Forget the period hassles and have fun!
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What Our Lovely Customers Say

    positive review  I highly recommend because they’re super duper accommodating. All my questions were answered accurately. I felt like I was talking to a close friend. 😂💖 Plus my transaction with them was super fast! I ordered a Ruby Cup and got it immediately after a few days. ❤️ Probably my best discovery in 2020! 🥰

    Pat Malana Avatar Pat Malana
    August 12, 2020

    positive review  BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Thank you Vern for being so patient with me, sa kagaya kong zero idea sa MC but wanted to convert. Very accommodating and friendly, ina-answer lahat ng questions even if it took me dayssss to finally choose and decide which cup will I get. Nung nareceive ko na ang item, well packaged and mabilis naship, earlier than expected. May post-sales customer service din si Reglamor if you need to “troubleshoot” and have follow-up questions. I love my MeLuna cup, kahit first time user ako I had no major issues, no leaks din. I also ordered the cloth liner and I love the quality, comfortable to wear too. I will surely recommend you to my friends! ❤️

    Monica Paras-Camacho Avatar Monica Paras-Camacho
    August 11, 2020

    positive review  Ms. Vern made sure that I bought the right cup before purchasing even though I already made my research. Which is great! At least alam kong tama yung napili ko. She's also a very accommodating seller. Kung first time mo pa lang bibili ng menstrual cup, I highly recommend Reglamor. ❤️

    Ellaine Delos Reyes Avatar Ellaine Delos Reyes
    August 9, 2020